YI Technology Unveils New AI and VR Cameras


YI Technology which is a leading company will be showcasing two novel smart imaging devices at the CES 2018. These gadgets specialize in AI and VR. They are part of a series of durable, economical camera systems.

After the cameras gained fame as home safety and action replay devices, they are also being touted as AI and VR agents of technology. The year ahead will be a time when the company will be concentrating on making cameras more digitally intelligent and a convenience to employ in day to day life.

Among the products by YI Technology may be included a smart home camera. This has built-in AI, pan-tilt-zoom, 360 degrees panning mode, combined SD card and cloud storage alternatives.

VR technologies include the 360 VR Camera and HALO VR Rig. Some of the other salient products include: a 4K+ Action Camera, M1 Mirrorless Camera, Dome and 1080p Home Cameras, Outdoor Camera and an Ultra Dash Camera.

Then there are accessories such as a waterproof case, pet mount, selfie stick and gimbal. YI Technology is the maker of advanced items and it will be showcasing all these and more products at the CES 2018 soon.CES 2018 visitors can see demonstrations of the most advanced imaging technology at YI booth #21709 in the Gaming & Virtual Reality Marketplace at Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada.


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