Why Did the Essential Phone Fail to Attract Customers?


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The Essential Phone is one of the best-looking smartphones to come out in 2017, and as expected, the device is powered by Android. It’s also the first smartphone to have a notch at the top of the screen, though quite smaller than what’s available on the iPhone X.

This particular smartphone should have been a return to form for Andy Rubin, the father of Android. However, the device failed to catch on, and it didn’t take long for Essential Products to cut the price by a whopping $200. That’s down from $699 to $499, which shouldn’t be viewed as a good thing for the company and the product.

Source: Essential Products

As for consumers, no doubt the Essential PH-1 $499 price tag is a good thing. With the device being more affordable, the $200 saved could go towards purchasing the Essential 360 Camera to gain the complete experience.

We should point out that according to a report from FierceWireless, BayStreet, a research company, says an estimated 5,000 units of the Essential PH-1 were sold to consumers by the end of September 2017. But that’s not the only problem that has doomed this phone.

Essential Exclusive to Sprint

One would think that Andy Rubin would want everyone to use his new phone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case after this company decided to draw up an exclusive deal with Sprint. As it stands right now, such plans did not turn out well.

Launched at a bad time

Due to many delays, Essential couldn’t release the device in June as planned. The product was later allowed to go on sale in August, and by that time, people were talking about Apple and Samsung.

The Galaxy Note 8 was making the rounds, and the iPhone 8, and iPhone X were all over the news. There was no way for the Essential PH-1, a new device from a new company, to compete under such a hostile environment.

Any Rubin has no intention of giving up, so hopefully, he and his company choose a better launch date next time around.

Never phish your own customers

During the rollout of the Essential PH-1, the company, somehow, managed to phish its customers by mistake.

Here’s the thing, the company sent emails to customers in a bid to gain their personal information to complete orders. However, the team mistakenly forwarded many of the customer emails received to other customers.

That’s a colossal phishing mistake right there, and a good reason for buyers to lose interest in a company.

Overall, the smartphone market is tough a place to get a start, and Essential Products learned this the hard way. It’s still early days for the company, but as for the PH-1, it’s dead, and it’s never coming back, no matter how low the price goes.




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