Whiskey Shivers Release New Video For ‘Reckless’


Whiskey Shivers Release New Video For 'Reckless'

The video for Whiskey Shivers new song “Reckless” continues with the bands tradition of creating visually arresting and innovative videos. Wadleigh’s concept was simple – find a way to make a room that could spin in order to generate enough force to make the band stick to the walls – all while playing the song. Enter a couple of MIT educated mechanical engineers, an army of volunteers, a 360 camera rig, and a bunch of breakable dinnerware and you get “Reckless.” The band admits that contraption was a “DIY carnival ride that could have gone way wrong.”

Watch along here as Whiskey Shivers’ shenanigans unfold. For a full behind the scenes look of the making of “Reckless,” click here.
Whiskey Shivers are prepping to make their major film debut with the upcoming December 22nd, 2017 release of Pitch Perfect 3. The band, who appear in both acting and musical roles in the film, hit the big screen alongside returning cast members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld. The jump to movies was a natural progression for the fun-loving ‘trashgrass’ band, who have previously appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, The Daily Show,and NBC’s Revolution. Whiskey Shivers are also known for catching the attention of fans and critics alike for their creative music videos, including “Gimme All Your Lovin,” which went viral after being featured on the homepage of Reddit. Check out Whiskey Shivers featured in the Pitch Perfect 3 trailers here and here.
Whiskey Shivers are participating in a Reddit AMA today at 1 PM CST, which will be streamed live on Twitch, to discuss the making of the video and their upcoming movie debut in the feature film Pitch Perfect 3. To participate on Reddit, head to this link or watch on Twitch, here.
Check out the companion 360 VR video version of “Reckless” here.
About Whiskey Shivers:A diverse group of masterfully talented musicians from Austin, TX, whose punk-influenced style stands out from the traditional bluegrass world, Whiskey Shivers have made a name for themselves with their genre-pushing “trashgrass” sound. On Some Part of Something, their fifth album, Whiskey Shivers hit their stride, refining their unique sound in the studio while still capturing the infectiously chaotic feeling of their legendary live shows. Despite their joyful demeanor and contagious energy, Whiskey Shivers’ songs are often heavy with traditional bluegrass themes and imagery lamenting universal struggles – work, pain, sin, regret and death. Infusing their songs with punk rock energy and a darkly comical light-heartedness, stretching the bluegrass genre to fit whatever they feel is right, it is in this contrast where Whiskey Shivers’ shine.

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