Watch: Man allegedly steals package with $360 sunglasses from Westerleigh home


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Audrey Cordero was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a pair of $360 sunglasses she purchased online from Macy’s for her boyfriend for Christmas.

While visiting a sick uncle in the hospital on Friday, she received an email stating that the package was left on her doorstep.

But when she arrived home, it wasn’t there.

That’s when she looked at surveillance footage taken by her Ring Doorbell, which is a doorbell that takes video when activated.

“The doorbell videos motion up to a distance I set up. A man took the package from my doorstep. …This guy knew exactly what to do [so the doorbell didn’t ring,] but I don’t think he knew the camera was working,” said Cordero, who noted her adult children were at home when the alleged thief occured.

The package was delivered by UPS at 5:46 on Friday, she said.

“They (UPS) left the package on my top step of my stoop. The man [allegedly] stole the package at 6:19 p.m.,” said Cordero.

“I’m broken-hearted, and these glasses were on special order. It wasn’t supposed to be coming until next week, but it only took two days for it to get here. …I got the camera for a reason, and it’s worth every penny,” she added.

After alerting police about the incident, she is hopeful the alleged thief will be caught.

“I really hope he is caught. Next time, it could be someone’s medicine,” said Cordero.

Police said they are investigating the incident.


There are some protective measures online shoppers can take if they don’t want to race home to pick up their delivery before a greedy passerby makes off with a loved one’s Christmas gift.

Multiple companies have introduced safe and secure options that limit the potential for packages to be stolen.


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