VPiX Announces Smoke POS For Cannabis Retailers At Denver’s Indo-Expo


Smoke POS featuring the Sprout Pro 2 G2 by HP

SMOKE POS for cannabis retailers

The SMOKE POS terminal for cannabis retailers looks it came straight out of a Hollywood Movie Set

“The SMOKE POS terminal looks like it came straight out of a Hollywood movie set,” says Bart Wilson, founder and CIO of VPiX. “We chose the Sprout Pro G2 by HP because it was the only PC kiosk system that had advanced Unity 3D support built in to support the Smoke’s proprietary blockchain for cryptocurrency use, employee ID (GPS) tracking and a 360° security system.

Nathan Anderson, SMOKE’s senior HP Sprout engineer says, “The 23-inch screen is touch-enabled. It features 2-cameras and takes a photo of everything that is sold to a consumer. Raw marijuana products, drinks, extracts, shatter… everything is photo captured by the Sprout Pro hardware and recorded to the customer transaction record. Something that no other cannabis POS system can do.”

“Blockchain technology isn’t just for cryptocurrencies,” adds Bart. “Blockchain represents the single most-important step in the evolution of the Internet. Assume you have 17 pot retail shops in Colorado. Also assume each store generates $55,000 or more every day. Smoke’s blockchain allows each store to securely transmit customer data, sales data and the daily VPiX VR video surveillance clips of that store’s location to another remote Sprout terminal with an Internet connection. Blockchain reads and streams data like an ultra-secure Lego-building brick but it’s encrypted and cannot be spoofed or hacked.”

“Our security features are minimal and intuitive, but they feel and function like they were designed 100 years in the future,” says Nathan. “Employee ID cards have a built-in track & return chip that monitors every movement. Assume your budtender with a level 1 clearance goes into the grow. Level 1 people are not authorized to be in the grow. Only Level 4 and Level 5 people have that access. The minute an unauthorized employee goes into the grow, the owner is notified with an instant alert we call ‘smoke signals’ and the event is recorded. Visitor badges have the same tracking chips. Retail cannabis owners now have granular record of every movement. It’s a security feature you just won’t find in any other POS system out there.”

SMOKE POS comes with a complete suite of 360° streaming video cameras. When an alert is received, the retail store owner can tap and view the alert and step inside any of their retail stores and look around. Streaming videos are encrypted with a blockchain wrapper and are available on-demand to store owners to view archive videos up to 180 days. Owners can grant a self-dissolving private access via their private blockchain to the Colorado MED for 360° remote inspections or compliance reviews from a past violation.

Cryptocurrency is coming to SMOKE POS. VPiX will be announcing their own ICO (Internet Coin Offering) later this summer. VPiX will be using a FINRA-registered broker-dealer with the release of 25 million tokens. “We don’t want to be viewed as a just another cryptocurrency bozo fueling the next Bitcoin mania,” adds Bart. “There’s a wrong way and a safe way to invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Which is why we elected to work with an SEC-compliant, equity crowdfunding partner. Our ICO announcement will go out on 4 July, 2018 and it’s only open to cannabis retailers. Consumers will be able to buy coins 10 days after the ICO date release. To get advance notice of the ICO, pot retailers and consumers can go to our Facebook page to give us a like and sign up at

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