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The latest YouTube update has a number of new features and shortcuts to make the popular video sharing platform easier to use. So whether you search for videos to learn or for fun, here are ten tips to use YouTube like an expert.

1. Go Dark

The new version of YouTube has a “Dark Theme”, which switches the main background color from white to black. The “Dark Theme” is easier on the eyes in a darkened room or at night.

To activate, first make sure you’re using the newest version of YouTube. Next, click on your profile picture, located in the top right corner, select Dark Theme from the drop down menu, and enable.

2. Keyboard shortcuts for Computer Users

If you’re watching YouTube on your laptop or desktop computer, ditch the mouse and use your keyboard to control the video.

  • Tap “J” to go back 10 seconds
  • Tap “L” to go forward 10 seconds
  • Tap “K” to pause your video
  • Tap “M” to mute or unmute your video

Also, use the number keys to zoom to a specific of the video. For example, pressing “5” will put you at the 50 percent mark, press “3” for 30 percent, and so on and so forth for numbers one through nine.

3. Shortcuts for Mobile Users

If you’re using the YouTube mobile app, use your touchscreen to fast forward or rewind in 10-second increments. Double tap the right side of the screen to go forward and the left side to go back. You can keep on tapping for an additional 10 seconds each time.

4. Can’t Watch a Video now, Save it for Later

Even though you can search through your history to find a video you may have started and wanted to finish when you have more time, adding a video to your Watch It Later list saves on search time.

To add a video, click the “Add to” icon beneath the video on the right. Select “Watch Later” from the drop down menu.

To watch the videos you’ve saved, click the menu icon on the top left of the YouTube page. Under the Library heading, select “Watch Later” to see your list.

5. Watch with Captions

Watching a YouTube video with the captions on is a great way to enjoy a video without disturbing others if you’ve forgotten your headphones. It can also be handy for translation since many have captions in other languages. Click the closed caption icon in the lower right hand of the video to turn captions on.

6. Share a Video Cued to the Perfect Moment

Have you ever wanted to share a video, but not necessarily from the beginning? Play the video to the point you want to share, then pause it. Right click the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”.

You can also click on the “Share” icon beneath the video on the right. Click the box that says “Share at <current time>”.

7. Move around a 360 Degree Video

If you’re watching a video on a mobile device, simply move the device the way you want the video camera to move and prepare to be impressed.

If you’re watching from a computer, click your mouse on the video, right hand while it’s playing, and drag to move the camera.

Find videos to watch by searching “360-degree video”.

8. Play your video at your own Speed

Need to see the instructional step again? Slow the video down to half speed. Want to quickly get the gist? Speed it up 1.25 times. Either way, click the gear icon in right-hand side of the video, then select speed. Choose from .25 times to 1.5 times, or normal.

9. Cast video to your Television with your Voice

If you have Google Home, awaken your device then command it to “Play during videos on TV”. This will only work if you Google’s Chromecast, a Smart TV with the YouTube app, or any device that runs YouTube to your television.

10.  Turn your Other Devices into a YouTube Remote Control

Make sure the computer, tablet, or phone you want to use is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV with a Chromecast (or another device that runs the YouTube app) or your Smart TV with the YouTube app. Then you can use your computer, tablet, or phone as a controller for your YouTube video.


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