Theta is a 360-degree camera that makes awesome spherical stills


Expand your Instagram game.
Expand your Instagram game.

Image: Ricoh Theta

Cameras that capture spherical photos and videos to create immersive virtual reality experiences are swiftly becoming the next big “it” gadget in the world of photography, especially with Facebook’s recent addition of the 360-degree feature to its mobile apps.

A company called Theta 360 has just made VR and 360-degree digital cameras a lot more newbie-friendly: Clocking in at only , its  can fit right in your pocket when you’re not using it to capture stunning 360-degree photos and video of the world around you in full HD.

Pick your favorite for your pics.

Pick your favorite for your pics.

Besides recording and sharing VR media, you can use the Ricoh Theta m15’s 360-degree spatial audio capabilities to record sound from all directions. Anything you capture on the device will be stored on its 4GB of built-in memory, which is able to store approximately 1200 photos or up to 60 minutes of video. And when you’re finished capturing said media, you’re free to share it using SNS from any smartphone or computer. 

Ready to delve into the world of VR? Pick up the Ricoh Theta m15 Spherical VR Digital Camera on sale for only $169.99 — 43% off the original price of $299.95.


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