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Samsung’s New Gear 360 Is Compatible With More Devices Such As Apple’s iPhones; Samsung Gear 360 Now Captures 4K Resolution Video [VIDEO] : Trending News : University Herald


Samsung has unveiled its new Gear 360 camera. Samsung’s new Gear 360 now works with more devices, such as Apple’s iPhones. The new product can now capture a 4K resolution video and it can live-stream in 2K resolution.

The design of the new Samsung Gear 360 camera does not stray far from last year’s model. Samsung’s new device still has a globe-like body for the two cameras, but the small grip handle has replaced the tripod portion. The grip handle of the new Samsung Gear 360 houses the 1,160 mAh battery, the USB-C port as well as the microSD card slot.

As for the performance of the Samsung Gear 360, the device is capable of capturing video in true 4K resolution at 24 frames per second (FPS), PC Mag reported. The new Samsung Gear 360 can also record 2K resolution videos for about two hours. Nonetheless, the battery life of the new Gear 360 is expected to be shorter when recording in 4K.

The new Samsung Gear 360 packs an 8.4MP image sensor, which can capture up to a 15MP high-resolution photo. When the camera is paired with the Gear 360 app, the device can be controlled remotely. Video and images of the new Samsung Gear 360 are stored on a microSD card, according to Campus Technology.

Another improvement in compatibility of the new Samsung Gear 360 is that the gadget will also work on iOS devices. Nevertheless, the new Gear 360 will only work on the latest iPhone models that runs on iOS 10. This also means that the new Samsung Gear 360 will also work on Apple’s Mac computers. Other features of the new Samsung Gear 360 include Bluetooth 4.1 and 2.4/5GHz WiFi support.

Samsung hasn’t pitched in the price for the new Gear 360, but the South Korean tech titan did claim that it will be more budget-friendly compared to last year’s $349 price tag.

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