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Samsung Gear VR 360 Now Works with Iphone


Samsung Gear VR 360 Now Works with Iphone: On the same day when the electronics Giant – Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, There was another big news. They unveiled an accessory line up which has these amazing features that the Samsung customers were waiting for. They released the next updated version of the existing Samsung Gear 360.

Samsung Gear 360 With Vr Connected to Iphone_Extended and Upgraded Version_Samsung Gear VR 360
Samsung Gear 360 With Vr Connected to Iphone_Extended and Upgraded Version – Samsung Gear VR 360

The previous version was released last year at the MWC 2016 trade show. It had a round head with a tripod section to hold up. The Samsung Galaxy 360 did a decent job and was compatible with the wide list of devices still, Samsung has come up with this much better design so that sustaining tin the 360-degree camera market wouldn’t be a thorny path.

What’s new with Samsung Gear 360:

The new gear possesses two 8.4-megapixel camera sensors, and the lenses are F2.2 which takes videos and photos of the surrounding and then stitches it up together to show the complete environment. The single image will be of 15 megapixels. It offers 4K video recording feature at 24fps.

The shape of the Gear is much talked about. To take photos and videos outside, the grip to the gear must be firm which would rule out accidental falls. The new Gear 360 comes with a very sturdy handle, and the camera is well placed on the top. It measures around 100.6×46.3×45.1mm and weighs in at 130 grams. It runs on an 1160mAh Li-ion battery.

The tripod hold is perfect, and the gear possesses an IP53 certification for dust and splash proof. These features promise a smooth experience with the Gear in the outdoors. The 360-degree photo/video experience was a smooth one even with the previous version of Gear 360. So, the stitch up process is like a promise.

The Gear 360 can be paired with the Gear 360 application on the smartphone which allows the users to remotely access the camera. Data storage is made into the microSD card instead of the internal device, and it supports up to 256 GB. The Gear can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and so live stream 360-degree video is going to be a cake walk.


The new release of Samsung gear will be compatible with almost all the Samsung releases including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7. It is also compatible with devices that use Android 5.o and later. Windows and Mac desktop devices are compatible too. In addition to this, The Samsung Gear 360 can be paired with any iOS device running on iOS 10 or later which makes this a more buyable.

Samsung Gear VR 360
Samsung Gear VR 360

Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Wearable Business at Samsung Electronics said, “As consumers turn more to video to share their experiences, we want to deliver accessible and innovative products to make digital content easier to create, share and stream. The updated Gear 360 will continue to expand the horizons of what consumers can experience and share.”



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