Samsung Gear 360 update: Price drops to $140 on online stores


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Samsung Galaxy 360 first generationSamsung Official Website

The Samsung Gear 360, the company’s device that could record in 360-degrees, is now offered at a lower price on an online retail store. The device is still sold with warranty despite the reduced price. 

On the Amazon page of Samsung Gear 360, the device’s listing reveals that it is currently sold for only $139.99 only, more than $10 cheaper than its original price. The device offered in the United States will also come with a warranty. The first-generation of the Samsung Gear 360 was first sold for $157 in the United States on various online retail stores like Amazon. Fortunately, the device will have a cheaper price.

The listing of Samsung Gear 360 on Amazon does not indicate if the $140 price offer will end. Hence, it is advised for interested customers to grab the product as soon as possible. 

There are reasons why people are buying the first generation of Samsung Gear 360. In the device’s official site, the device is light and compact in size; so, it is easy to carry around. In addition, the camera could take full 360-degree videos like a piece of cake.

Not only that, the Samsung Gear 360 has the option of using a wide-angle camera in capturing 180-degree shots. Users should also not worry about the rain damaging the device as it is fully water and dust resistant.

The Samsung Gear 360 could also start recording everything in the scope of 360-degrees with just a tap. The user could also take pictures and merge all of it one single image at the same time.

For those who are eager to share their photos using the Samsung Gear 360, they could share the stories they created with the camera in just one click. The device features a camera that serves an easy user interface for anyone to share it easily.

Furthermore, the Samsung Gear 360 could be inserted with microSD card that could save and store videos. The memory card could be expanded up to 256 GB by using an extra microSD card.

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