Rylo’s smart 360 camera is now Android-friendly


We’re almost a decade into the iPhone-Android war, and there are way more Android phones in the world than iPhones. But it’s still common for interesting new apps and gadgets to support iOS first and then catch up with Android. Rylo—one of our Most Innovative Companies for 2018–is the latest example.

The startup’s $500 pocket-sized video camera, which shipped for iPhones in November, is now available for Android. It lets you capture 360-degree footage of the world around you and then play director after the fact by creating shots that stay focused on a particular spot or even a person or moving object. The video is stabilized and the smartphone app is nicely designed. And in a counter-intuitive move, the cameras makers skipped using Wi-Fi to transfer videos and instead give you a good old-fashioned sync cable—a technology that may lack glamour, but makes up for it by being fast, reliable, and hassle-free.

Rylo for Android



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