Oncam’s launches 360-degree Evolution Stainless Steel camera series


Oncam, the provider of 360-degree video capture and business technology has launched the 360-degree camera, which seems to be the first and only surveillance camera to receive the NSF mark in the ‘Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices’ category.

Oncam’s Evolution Stainless Steel camera boasts an IP69K rating against weather, water, and dust, as well as an IK10 rating against vandalism. The company claims that this camera can be washed with high-pressure jets of more than 1,000psi at up to 80 degrees Celsius, enabling it to withstand demanding environments. The system is ideal for surveillance applications in diverse areas like food processing facilities, industrial and chemical plants, vehicle wash stations, and ports and marine applications, amongst others.


In addition to resilience, Oncam Evolution Stainless Steel camera has a comfortable design, which should be a complementary addition to any architecture. Enclosed in a stainless steel housing, Oncam’s Stainless Steel models offer the same features as its Evolution 05 and Evolution 12 cameras. With an outer casing manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel 316, its resistance to corrosion caused by salt spray makes it ideally suited for use in harsh environments.


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