Now turn your iPhone into 360-degree camera with latest Insta360 Nano S


Insta360 Nano S

Insta360 at CES 2018 has introduced a new Nano S device which is a compact attachable camera. The camera is compatible with iPhone and connects by using the lightning port to capture 4K 360 degree videos and 360-degree photos at 20-megapixel resolution.

The latest Nano S comes with a MultiView feature which allows users to show multiple angles of a scene. It also offers to share the video and the photos via a live broadcast or one-on-one chat.

The Nano S can be used as a stand-alone device and store images to a memory card. The camera has an ability of recording 4K video for up to 70 minutes in its stand-alone mode.

Insta360 Nano S

According to Engadget, Insta360 is still working on the software and making the fine-tuning ahead of its launch. The Nano S improved its image quality and delivers better camera experience than its predecessor Nano. The new device delivers sharp images and also less noise image quality even in the low light situation.

Just like the predecessor Nano, the Nano S also sports gyroscopic image stabilization. Gyroscopic stabilization delivers a buttery-smooth capture, even though your iPhone is little tilted or get a shake during the recording. Users can use the FreeCapture mode in the app to reframe any 360 videos, with an ability to zoom in or out for some special effects in the new clip.

The Nano S offers a One-touch sharing feature through which you can share your videos and photos to social media platforms like –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. The device supports external memory up to 128GB and backed with 800mAH battery.

The Insta360 Nano S comes two colour variants one in Silver and another in Matte black. The Insta360 Nano S is priced at $239 (Rs 15,200 approx). The interested buyers can make their purchase by the company’s official website. The will also be available to Amazon in the upcoming days.


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