Moon by 1-Ring: World’s First Levitating Smart Camera and Home Hub


There are lots of smart hub and wireless camera products on the market, but Moon by 1-Ring is a game changer. 1-Ring startup has now come up with the world’s first levitating smart camera. With better integration, better video recording, and better response to stimuli, this device is going to dramatically change what customers expect in the world of smart home management and security. The Moon is the first camera to defy gravity for 360° vision.

If you’ve been looking for the right smart hub and camera monitor for your home, Moon by 1-Ring might be just what you’re looking for. A fascinating evolution of what home monitoring can meet for busy professionals, parents, and those watching out for elderly loved ones, this new device is a great addition to a tech friendly home.

Keep An Eye On Your Home

Security cameras in the home are nothing new. Even Wi-Fi cameras that can be monitored through a website or smartphone feed are practically the norm. But these cameras are generally static, allowing only for a zoom feature; some high end models allow for movement in a narrow range of vision.

Moon by 1-Ring lets the user spin a full 360 degrees to see all the way around the room. No more worries about the light level in the room; this camera can see during the day and the night.

Find The Source Of The Noise

There’s a big difference between your dog barking, your child breaking a glass, and glass breaking in a home that should be empty. Moon by 1-Ring detects noise and automatically rotates towards it while alerting the home owner. You’ll know whether your neighbor just came back after walking your dog, or someone is entering your home without permission.

This is especially important for parents and those caring for elderly loved ones. If your old fashioned noise activated camera picks up a bang, how will you know if it’s someone who has fallen or someone who just dropped a book? Moon by 1-Ring will make sure you can see what’s going on.

360 Degree Jerk Free Motion

Some cameras advertise their ability to move in a narrow range of degrees, but their actual motion is so awkward and uneven that the motion is fundamentally worthless. Because of its levitating technology, Moon by 1-Ring has completely smooth motion in a full circle. And since the device charges wirelessly on its base, you don’t have to worry about power consumption.

The Moon by 1-Ring also has stellar recording technology. Like other products on the market it records based on noise and movement, but unlike other cameras, it also records the previous 30 to 60 seconds of activity. When things are changing quickly in your home, that small difference can be incredibly important. And of course you can always take control of your camera remotely, point it towards any area within the camera’s rotation, and start at two-way conversation. Say hello to your kid who just got home late, check in on your relatives, or warn the home invader that the police have been notified of their presence!

Keep Track Of Your Home’s Climate

If you’re on vacation, you might worry about your home. Keeping the temperature appropriate without wasting energy, making sure the home continues to look occupied to ward off home invaders, and ensuring that your home stays safe during major weather events can all take the fun out your vacation.

Moon by 1-Ring monitors your home’s temperature, CO2, and humidity and alerts you if anything seems out of the ordinary. You can then take appropriate action – hire a plumber, send a relative or friend to check on things, or decide to worry about it when you get home.

Controlling Your Things

The world is rapidly filling up with smart Things. Your oven alerts you to the heat being left on, your fridge lets you know when you’re running out of milk, your thermostat turns on when you’re on your way home and off when you’re leaving for work. We are more connected than ever, but controlling each item individually through a phone or tablet is obnoxious. No single device has emerged to be a great hub for your smart Home.

The Moon by 1-Ring can interface with all of your devices that use Zwave Plus, Zigbee 3.0, Bluetooth, or IR blasters. Put down the remote controls and get focused.

Automate Your Tasks

Need your coffee brewing to get you out the door on time with kids? Want the temperature adjusted throughout the day based on who’s home? Need to keep track of what’s going on when you’re traveling, for work or pleasure? Want the lights turned on as you arrive so you don’t have to walk into a dark home? Moon by 1-Ring lets you do all of the above seamlessly so that you can focus on more important tasks.


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