Make a 360-degree video of your day with this camera you wear around your neck


A wearable 360-degree camera will soon be coming to market after raising more that five times its target in a crowdfunding drive.

The FITT360 is designed to give a full 360-degree view while being worn around the user’s neck.

Samsung Electronics spin-off company LinkFlow, which designed the camera, says the product is rain, snow, heat and shock-proof, and connects to an app on the user’s smartphone. This enables the user to share to social media after the event or broadcast live.

The 360-degree camera is actually achieved by three separate cameras placed around the neckband. The app then stitches the different camera angles together and stabilises the movement of the camera, creating a smooth picture.


As well as functioning as a camera, the neckband can be used to listen to music or take calls through bluetooth.

Unfortunately at the moment the device only has 90 minutes of recording time, which limits the activities the user can film with it.

The crowdfunding page for the FITT360 has smashed its £36,075 target on Kickstarter, raising over £160,000. Prices for the product start at £286, although those keen on the project can commit smaller amounts.

LinkFlow hopes to begin shipping in October 2018.


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