Insta360 launches Nano S, a 4K 360-degree camera for the iPhone


Insta360 Nano S
Insta360 Nano S

Insta360, the company behind the Insta360 One, the Insta360 Air, and the Insta360 Nano clip-on 360-degree smartphone cameras, has launched a new 4K capable 360-degree camera called the Insta360 Nano S for the iPhone. While the Insta360 One and the Insta360 Air are for use with the iPhone and Android phones respectively, the newly announced Nano S is compatible only with the iPhone (models iPhone 6 and later).

The new Insta360 Nano S announced by the Chinese startup for CES 2018 sports the same form factor, and will now let you record 4K video and 20-megapixel still photos, a notable jump from the 3K video and the 4.6-megapixel still photos that its predecessor, the Insta360 Nano was capable of. The newly announced Insta360 Nano S will be available in matte black and silver options.

The Insta360 Nano S also adds a couple of useful features. MultiView Shooting enables you to outputs a conventional video clip with two or three camera angles, and 360-degree video chat allows a caller to share a link with contacts via the app, giving the viewer at the receiving end a live 360-degree spherical view of the caller’s location even without an Insta 360 device or app. The MultiView Shooting feature works with live-streaming as well as video chat. Another nifty feature is the FreeCapture mode in the app that lets you reframe any 360-degree video to get a view like from conventional cameras, but with the added ability to zoom in or out for special visual effects. The Nano S makes use of the gyroscope in your iPhone to counteract for wobbles and shakes, resulting in stabilised and smooth footage.


Insta360 cameras are a part of Facebook’s Live 360-Ready Program, and are certified by Facebook as an “easy, reliable, and fun” way to start live-streaming in 360. The newly launched 4K capable 360-degree camera comes bundled with a foldable phone stand for video calls and selfies, and a cardboard VR viewer. As mentioned earlier, compatible devices include the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, and the iPhone 6/6 plus. The newly launched Insta360 Nano S is on sale for $239 on Amazon as well as Insta360’s online store.


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