Humaneyes Vuze+ VR camera launched with 360-degree live broadcast feature


CES 2018 belonged to launch of high-end televisions, smart speakers, 4K projectors and new virtual reality headset. HTC refreshed its Vive VR headset with a new model supporting higher resolution display. Facebook-owned Oculus joined hands with Xiaomi to launch its compact standalone VR headset called Oculus Go.

There was another high-end VR camera at the event called Vuze+ from Humaneyes Technologies. The Vuze+ aims to give creators a device that can easily produce 3D and virtual reality content and carry it around easily. The new Vuze+ camera’s USP is the ability to livestream 4K 360-degree video to Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube.

The Vuze+ uses 8 Full HD custom Sony lenses arranged in a pair to capture 3D 360-degree footage. It also comes with a suite of software to edit the 360-degree video, adjust color and exposure and even supports horizon stabilization. The device is using two ambarella A9 video processors and supports single button operation and can be remotely controlled using mobile application.

Vuze notes that its VR camera has a spherical resolution of 4K per eye and record footage at 30fps for 3D and 60fps for 2D. It also incorporates four MEMS 48KHz microphones for recording spacial audio. The Vuze+ VR camera is equipped with a 3,700mAh battery that can record 360-degree video for 2 hours on a single charge.

It is IP65 water and dust resistant and can operate at ambient temperature of 0 to 40 degree Celsius. It can also function in relative humidity of under 95 in ambient conditions.

Virtual Reality is yet to become mainstream medium but it has caught up among content creators especially on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. One of the major disadvantage of most 360-degree camera is the stitching algorithm which fails to differentiate between footage from individual fisheye lens.

Humaneyes claims it has ironed out those concerns and its Vuze+ camera offers the best footage. The Vuze+ VR camera is currently available for $1,199 and has an estimated shipping of 10 days. The owners of existing Vuze camera can upgrade with a $199 software package that adds live broadcasting feature.


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