Hikvision Panovu Multi-Sensor Cameras |


Hikvision USA has introduced new multi-sensor cameras to its video security product line. Named the PanoVu, these versatile devices provide high resolution video combined with up to 360-degree view all around the camera.  Three variants of the PanoVu family are available, each with its own strengths and applications

The PanoVu true panoramic camera combines four sensors and lenses in a pre-determined position.  This allows for a fully stitched 8-megapixel video stream that sees 180 degrees from side to side. It is perfect for viewing an open area from an elevated angle, or directly downwards from a ceiling.Future options include 32-megapixel as well as 360-degree variants.

The PanoVu flexible series boasts four separately adjustable camera modules both in rotation and position. That combined with up to 8 or 20 combined megapixels, full frame rate, motorized zoom lenses, and reflection-free IR, makes it a truly unique product in the market. A full-size dome with surround fixed cameras as well as a full-size 4K PTZ camera is also available for both overview and zoomed shots.

Last but not least, the PanoVu Mini is an affordable yet versatile product.  Not only is it equipped with three cameras showing live video around the camera, a small PTZ dome camera is also mounted below the camera for more detailed view.  Both indoor and outdoor variations come with reflection-free IR, with even more illuminators providing supplement IR light to the PTZ camera, in whichever direction it goes.

These brand new products not only are vast improvements over what is already on the market, but also boast savings and convenience not only from the devices themselves, but also significantly simplified cabling efforts. All in all, the PanoVu are truly powerful additions to the Hikvision product family.


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