GoPro launches Hero6 and Fusion Camera with 4K & 360-Video recording



GoPro officially launched the GoPro Hero Black camera and is now available worldwide for $499.99 with the G1 processor. It is waterproof up to 35 feet with built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Accelerometer & Gyroscope, and supports ten languages for voice control. The company also announced that its GoPro Fusion spherical camera would be released in November for $699.99

It can record 4K 60fps videos; the camera is also capable of shooting slow-motion at 2.7K resolution at 120fps & 1080p Full HD at 240fps. It also comes with superior image stabilisation and improved dynamic range for better videos and photos in low lighting conditions. It comes with a touchscreen with one-touch digital zoom functionality, and it is three times faster than previous versions. There is a mobile app to support 4K60fps videos.


CEO and founder Nick Woodman said, “We’ve finally been able to make a GoPro without compromises. We haven’t had to work on somebody’s else chip design and chip limitation. I think what’s most exciting about GP1 is we’ve yet to tap its full potential. With every new release of a new GoPro, we come out with firmware updates that unlock new features, new performance. That’s especially true with Hero 6 Black.”


GoPro Fusion Version will have 360-degree videos, and it has also added a new feature in the Fusion that’s called OverCapture. This feature allows users to manipulate their 360 videos to turn them into flat 1080p full HD videos. Users will be able to select a single1080p frame or a photo from the recorded 360-degree image.

Vijay Vaghela

Vijay Vaghela

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