get a refurbished Moto Z Droid Edition for just $170!


Motorola‘s 2016 flagship is noteworthy for a few reasons. It was the phone that introduced the Moto Mods concept, it was (and is) extremely thin at 0.20 in (5.19 mm), and it was among the first major Android phones to go without a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Yeah, it’s a controversial handset, as many users out there would rather have a thicker handset that has a bigger battery and a jack for their earphones. But it’s also undeniably pretty. And all the Moto Mods that have come out since — the JBL Speaker mod, the gamepad mod, 360 camera, and so on — are all compatible with it, which opens up a lot of doors to expand one’s user experience.

Daily Steals has a refurbished Moto Z Droid edition (originally sold by Verizon, but this one is marked as GSM unlocked) for just $169.99. Considering that this money can get you a pretty basic midranger if you go for a brand new device, this here is a real bargain.

The site also has refurbished Z Play, Z Force, Z2 Droid Force, and Z2 Play up for sale, all priced fairly. But we found that the offer on the Moto Z Droid is a great balance between price, performance, and potential, which is why that’s the one we highlighted. But you can check all of them here:


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