Future of autonomous vehicles


DETROIT (WJRT) Magna International, which has a location in Holly, builds many of the cameras in our vehicles.

Magna’s location off North Holly Road is one of their largest electronic facilities.

So, far they’ve produced 30 million cameras.

Now this company is pushing how far their technology can see what’s around them.

“The question of autonomous driving is not if, but it is when,” Magna Chief Technical Officer Swamy Kotagiri said.

He announced the company is developing iCON RADAR this week at the Detroit Auto Show.

He says this system will better tell the difference between children and bicyclists when near a larger, more easily detectable object like a car.

“Once you can separate objects and you get the image of that object you can start classifying objects, which is the first of its kind when you start to talk about radar data, not camera data,” Kotagiri said.

Over the past ten years, 600 employees at Magna’s Holly branch have been building cameras for your vehicles.

Letting drivers know how close they are to a car or someone walking around behind them.

Kotagiri says they’re going a step further with this new radar.

This system will not only see all around the vehicle much like a 360 camera, but it will see nearly a quarter of a mile ahead.

“There is a saying if a picture is worth a thousand words a comprehensive video is worth a million words,” he said.

Words that a computer will calculate and determine any movement an object may be taking.

“So, you can take the necessary evasive actions whether it’s a car with a driver and with high-level advanced assistance or completely driverless car. It doesn’t matter,” Kotagiri said.

Visitors can check out Magna in the basement of Cobo Hall near the Universities section.


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