FLIR Ladybug5+ 360 camera delivers 8K resolution, 12 stops dynamic range


FLIR has launched the Ladybug5+, a 360 camera aimed at professional users that can capture 8K photo and video.

The FLIR Ladybug5+ employs six 2/3in Sony IMX264 sensors, each of which is twice as large as the standard 1/2.3in sensor found in consumer digital cameras.

FLIR says the Ladybug5+ can also capture a dynamic range of up to 12 stops, as well as shoot raw.

Offering a 90% field of view, the Ladybug5+ can record video in 8K resolution at frame rates of 30fps, or 4K video at 60fps. It can also capture still images in 8K resolution.

The FLIR Ladybug5+ measures 197mm x 160mm and is weather and dust resistant. Below you can see a sample of what it can do.

No FLIR Ladybug5+ price tag is listed. You can contact the company directly for a quote.

Click here to download images and video shot with the camera.

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