FLIR 4K Camera Features Convertible 180°, 360° Field of View


The latest security camera in the FLIR Quasar family, the 4x2K produces 4K resolution for highly detailed scenes.

WILSONVILLE, Ore. — FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) introduces the Quasar 4x2K panoramic camera featuring four, full-HD visible sensors.

The company says the new mini-dome camera offers wide area surveillance well-suited to monitor cities, critical infrastructure and other high-profile security areas.

Offering interchangeable field-of-view options of 180° and 360°, the Quasar 4x2K can replace multiple individual cameras, allowing security operators to reduce the number of security cameras required for monitoring wide areas, according to FLIR.

The camera uses automatic stitching that combines the four sensors into a 180° view that is said to generate a highly detailed, seamless image that can eliminate blind spots and scene duplication.

Built-in infrared illumination automatically adjusts to the 180° or 360° viewing mode and monitors without the need to illuminate the scene.

The Quasar 4x2K integrates with FLIR’s video management systems (VMS) and major third-party VMS. Using a one-step configuration process, the Quasar 4x2K adjusts to either 180° or 360° viewing mode in the field.

The camera also features an IP67 environmentally-rated dome enclosure to withstand mist, rain and accidental submersion for video surveillance either in or outdoors.


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