Fixed Price Program Gives Small Agencies Body-Worn-Camera Technology


ESCONDIDO, Calif. —VP360 Solutions, a leader in the body-worn camera and digital evidence management industry, announced today the creation of Argus Express, an affordable fixed price program for safety agencies with 20 or fewer officers. Now even small agencies can deploy body-worn camera technology because they can own the fully self-contained solution including all necessary hardware, software, and cameras.

The VP360 Solutions Argus Express is a turnkey solution delivered in a box, and agencies need only to power it up. Smaller agencies can now have a full-featured Digital Evidence Management solution with body cameras that will also allow them to manage “Evidence from Anywhere” and they own the data, the infrastructure and cameras.  

“What makes Argus Express great for small agencies is that there are no budgetary surprises typically associated with cloud-based offerings, such as storage overages and retrieval fees,” says John Veit, Senior VP of Sales at VP360 Solutions. “It’s a reasonable fixed cost for these agencies and they can own a digital evidence package that is ready to go.”

The Argus Express package includes 5 to 20 SmarkKam 100 Body-Worn Cameras, one or two  Multi-Camera Docking Stations (depending upon number of cameras) and the Argus Express Desktop Media Server with three years of on-site storage capacities. Software includes user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for searching, reviewing, redacting, delivering, acquiring, archiving, and sharing critical evidence. 

About VP360 Solutions:

VP360 Solutions ( provides comprehensive camera-to-courtroom digital evidence management and body-worn camera solutions to the public safety and commercial security industries. Through the Phoenix line of digital evidence management solutions, agencies can auto-upload, access, retrieve, search, review and share audio, video and digital image evidence from any source, including the SmartKAMTM body camera. Multi-tiered storage platforms for on- and off-premise plus cloud storage are configurable to mitigate risk and minimize cost. VP360 Solutions provides consultative guidance, complete system design, service and support with focus, history, integrity and expertise. Connect with VP360 Solutions: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn



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