FITT360 Wearable Camera Could Change How Athletes Record Video


A fitness athlete and adventurers wearing a small device around the neck can have a new way to create content.

That’s the idea behind FITT360, a neckband camera making its debut on Kickstarter. Created by Linkflow, a Korean company spun off from Samsung Electronics, FITT360 presents yet another opportunity for athletes to record from a first-person, panoramic perspective.

The device features a quick-capture button that allows the user to record video with one touch and then share it on social media through a smartphone. It uses three HD cameras around the back of the neck and one side, and can record for 90 minutes.

A FITT360 app normalizes the video to make the exposure even (a technology that LinkFlow patented) and minimizes shaking to make the clips compatible in virtual reality. It also stitches the video from all three cameras together to form a cohesive video.


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The camera, which the company claims is unobtrusive while being worn around the neck, can also live stream and map video (via GPS tracking), according to the Kickstarter page. It is heatproof, waterproof and shockproof.

It takes 100 minutes to completely charge, and can support a 128-gigabyte microSD card. It also connects via WiFi and Bluetooth.

The FITT360 campaign raised $386,496, well above its modest $50,000 goal. Its abilities to capture events in 360 degrees could mean athletes who adopt the device will have a new way to show fans their exploits whether they’re in action on the field or exploring an interesting place on vacation, or anywhere in between.


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