Fitt360 is the first neckband wearable camera that lets you capture your world in 360 degrees


Have you ever thought of captured everything around your world in 360 degrees? Fitt360 might just be the right camera for you. Fitt360 is  neckband wearable camera that lets you capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View in unobtrusive and effortless way. The camera comes with 360-degree Video Recording and records all of surroundings without exception. It is dustproof, waterproof and has long battery life that lasts over 6 hours to record all your events. Fitt360’s team is also the recipient of CES 2018 Innovation Award. Fitt3 60 is the first 360° neckband wearable camera.

With its patented image stabilization, live stitching and streaming functionality, FITT360 opens up possibilities for tele-presence and life streaming scenarios. With life logging in mind, the built-in GPS enables users to keep their personal 360 video-logs within the companion mobile application. FITT360 also comes with companion mobile app that  allows you to preview and share videos via SNS in real-time. You can share vivid moments with friends and families – anytime, anywhere with following hardware specs. Fitt360 comes with the following features:

  • 3 Full HD 1080p cameras provide horizontally 4K Resolution images capturing 360-degree surroundings in true First-Person-View
  • Power Button to turn ON/OFF FITT 360
  • Quick Capture Button to activate video/photo shooting in a click of a button
  • 90 minutes of running time per a fully charged battery
  • Battery Check Button to indicate how much battery have left with LED
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Slider to communicate to the phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to access more features on the mobile app
  • With a VR Head-Mount-Device on, users can immerse right back into the moments that matter to you

See it in action:



FITT360 started off as the most anticipated project within Samsung electronics for addressing problems commonly shared by conventional 360 cameras; such as obstructing camera’s field of vision with your body parts and the needs of the obtrusive rigs and mounts. FITT360 isn’t some idea hacked together in a garage overnight. Having spent countless days and night within Samsung Electronics over dozens of globally manufactured projects, we know what it takes to deliver reliable products to the market. We have applied the same methodologies with rigorous testing process to ensure we develop a solid and a reliable product.

To use Fitt360, you simply wear FITT360 around your neck and start capturing your world. Via live streaming via SNS, you can share your world with other to view it on their mobile devices or with Virtual Reality Headsets. Its three Full HD cameras surrounding the FITT360 captures environments of each user in the True First Person View (FPV) with up to 90 minutes of recording time.

The FITT360 Kickstarter campaign launches on Sunday, Jan 8. FITT360 is available for pre-orders on Kickstarter for a 50% discounted super early bird price, 40% discounted early bird price and 30% discounted Kickstarter exclusive price of $349$419 and $489 respectively.

You can visit their Kickstarter campaign page here


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