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Recently, we have reported that Andy Rubin’s much awaited smartphone started shipping to the customers who have pre-ordered it. Well, from now, the Essential Phone will be available for everyone in the US and Canada and the phone is available to purchase from the official stores. The device is now available on the open sale throughout the country including Canada. 

Apart from the official website of the Essential phone, the phone is currently listed on a few 3rd party retailers as well. Currently, the Essential phone is available to order on Amazon, Best Buy and Sprints. All these giants have listed this phone to their respective websites from where you can book the phone. The 3rd party retailers will not ship this phone immediately as you have to wait for the phone to get shipped from the 3rd party retailers.

Sprint has reported that the Black Moon variant of the Essential Phone will start shipping to the customers from September 13th, who have pre-order this phone.

If you live in Canada, there is only one option available for you to purchase this phone. In Canada, Telus is offering the Essential phone to purchase. The phone is priced at CAD 1,050 in Canada. There is no any information on the actual shipping of this phone in Canada as well.

Apart from the phone’s availability, the device has recently receive an update to the existing inbuilt camera app. As per the new update, this new camera app brings a variety of features to offer more sharp and rich photographs out of your Essential Phone’s camera. Apart from fixing all the issues related some bugs and other basic ones, the new update brings a number of improvements while taking and recording videos.

As you know, the Essential Phone allows you to record a 360 video out of the phone, and this new camera app brings stable recording option by fixing all the available bugs inside the app. Additionally, the update brings image mono fusion with speed up color option to offer sharp photography. The camera app brings stable user interface so that anyone can easily record and save and can share videos instantly out of the builtin camera app.

To recall the specifications and features, the Essential phone sports a 5.71 Inch QHD display. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC with 4GB RAM and 128GB memory. The phone offers a 13 Megapixel of Dual RGB + Mono camera with image fusion technology as the primary camera. The phone has 13 Megapixel of True Monochrome mode and talking about the Secondary camera, 8MP front camera.

If you have owned this device already, you can easily update this Camera app from the official Google Play Store’s page. Following link will help you download this Camera update of the Essential phone.

Upgrade Essential Phone Camera App

Apart from the official Essential Phone, you will be able to purchase the additional accessories of the phone from the official store as well. You can purchase everything compatible on the Essential Phone from the official website.


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