Essential PH-1 Gets New Halo Gray Variant With Alexa Built-in, Amazon Lowers Prices to $449


On February 15, Essential announced three new color variants for the PH-1. The three colors – Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black are $100 more expensive than the first two colors but they do look really nice. Yesterday, Essential announced a 4th new color variant that comes with an additional feature.

Essential PH-1 Halo Gray
Essential PH-1 Halo Gray with Alexa built-in

The new color variant is called Halo Gray but looks like the Stellar Gray version. It has the same matte finish which hides fingerprint smudges but its frame is silver like that of the Pure White variant.

That is not the only exciting about the Halo Gray variant. Unlike the other colors, it comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built-in.

This version is an Amazon-exclusive and will be available for purchase on February 21, though you can pre-order it now. However, unlike the other three released this week, the Halo Gray variant sells for $449 and $499 with the 360° Camera and a free pill case.

The pill case is a new addition used for carrying the 360 camera instead of the small cloth sack that used to come with it.

Essential PH-1 Black Moon + Camera + Pill case

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Don’t want the new Halo Gray variant? Fine. Amazon is also selling the Black Moon and Pure White variants at $449 without the camera and $499 with the camera and pill case. This is way cheaper than the $499 price for the phone and $678 with the camera (excluding pill case) on the online Essential Shop.

Fact: Amazon is also an investor in Essential.

Essential PH-1 Halo Gray + Camera + Pill Case







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