Elsight Ltd launches 360°-degree video safety system for vehicles


Elsight Ltd () has launched Omnisight, an onboard video safety system for passenger vehicles with a 360°-degree surround vision.

While Elsight’s DVR solutions have offered recording and transmission of video in real time, Omnisight adds a unique view of the vehicle as if watching the vehicle from above (birds-eye view).

This helps in avoiding and correcting existing blind-spots of the car’s mirrors.

Unique algorithm stitches video from multiple cameras

Elsight’s Omnisight platform integrates four or more high-resolution day and night cameras placed strategically on each of the four sides of the vehicle.

The company’s unique algorithm provides “stitching” of multiple cameras into a unified live video image.

Omnisight can be fully integrated into the vehicles’ multimedia system providing user friendly, convenient and easy viewing for the driver, and significantly increasing safety.

The integrated steering wheel, gears and alarms automatically alert the driver to obstacles or potential hazards.

Strategic integration deal with a tier-one player

The Omnisight sales team has secured significant and promising engagements with large Fleet Management (FMS) companies in the U.S., Israel and other geographies.

Elsight is expected to announce at least one strategic integration deal with a tier-one player in the autonomous vehicle and car aftermarket space during this first quarter of 2018.

The company estimates significant incomes from this product line, with early deals in H2 of 2018 to the tune of US$1 million, and with significant revenue growth in 2019 and beyond.


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