Economical Smartphone-based Professional Thermal Cameras Introduced by Saelig


Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Fotric 220 Series Thermal Cameras – professional and cost-effective infrared imaging devices that combine state-of-the-art infrared technology with smartphone capabilities. These cameras can record up to 1000 frames of full radiometric video on the attached smartphone, capturing temperature changes in real-time with a user-defined sampling rate of up to 5 frames/sec. Up to 640 x 480 pixel resolution is available and each pixel represents a temperature measurement point in the field of view. Data collection is automatic using the LinkIR app on the attached smartphone with no need for an attached PC. The easy to learn interface handles all of the camera’s functions and supports the instant analysis of thermal images and videos on the instrument itself.

The Fotric 220 Series of thermal cameras uses the highest quality components to insure long-term reliability Source: Saelig CompanySource: Saelig Companyand service life. Its low power design provides up to 10 hours of Li-ion battery operation, but external power may be used for longer tests. One useful feature for routine thermal inspection of equipment is the ability to scan a QR code that is attached to a machine or test object for automatically tagging and saving thermal images without any error-prone manual entries. The images are time-stamped and relevant GPS location information is also available. Images can also be annotated with voice or text memos. Individual emissivities for up to 12 box areas, 12 spots and 3 lines can be set to improve the temperature accuracy of different scenes and materials.

AnalyzIR PC software is also provided free with these cameras for further in-depth analysis of each pixel of the images. R&D personnel as well as equipment maintenance technicians can use the radiometric video stream plotting and 3D visualization of temperature images to note hot-spots and subtle temperature changes. Picture-in-picture super-impositioning of the hot spot on a visible image of the scene helps to better identify the exact location of a problem. A choice of 15 color palettes with instant previews helps to make the thermal image most visually useful. Data can be automatically gathered, triggered by time, temperature, or an external signal, with threshold alarms available together with the automatic capture of high, low and average or user-defined temperature. A single radiometric thermal video of up to 1TB can be recorded when the camera is connected to a PC.

The Fotric 220 Series is available with IR pixel resolution from 320 x 240 to 640 x 480 and a selection of Germanium lenses that focus down to 4” to suit differing applications, allowing temperature discrimination for as small as a 20um object with a macro lens. The cameras also feature a built-in 8x continuous digital zoom.

Applications for the 220 Series include: electronics (PCB and component analysis), biomedicine (experimental processes), vehicles (tire fatigue, engine component malfunction), materials testing (fatigue, stress), medical (disease detection, heat dissipation), buildings (roof scan, home inspection), equipment safety, fire detection (pre-ignition, leakage), etc.

The Fotric 220 Series Cameras are lightweight (22oz) and compact (4.7” x 5.7” x 3.7”). Made by Fotric Precision Instruments, an innovative thermal imaging products manufacturer, the Fotric 220 Series Cameras are available now from Saelig Company, Inc., Fotric’s authorized North American distributor. module with Class 2 power and integrated gain control (planned release late 2018).


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