eCapture Technologies Launches World’s Smallest 360° VR/AR Camera


SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–People who live stream events or love to share selfies on social media
can now snap 360° content with eCapture Technologies’ LyfieEye200,
which launches today on Indiegogo.

The ultimate smartphone accessory, the LyfieEye200 connects to Android
phones to create 360° content, and has VR and AR capabilities to boot.

LyfieEye200 is the world’s smallest and lightest 360° VR/AR camera. In
stylish gunmetal with black trim, it weighs less than 15g and is small
enough to pop into a pocket.

Hold the smartphone in portrait position to create full HD content with
hi-res videos, and 3K images. Use the compatible app, LyfieView200, to
control the camera for video, pictures and the live stream function.

The LyfieEye200 is compatible with Android 5.0 smartphones and higher,
as well as with Windows 7 or higher.

Social network access is fully integrated, which makes it quick and easy
to share content. Share 360° spherical videos on Facebook and YouTube
either directly or through the LyfieView200 app.

Use LyfieEye200 with a host of innovative accessories to capture
different angles, and connect to a smartphone or PC. Able to facilitate
360° video conferencing and live streaming, the LyfieEye accessories
will ensure a hands-free experience for users.

The LyfieEye200 will change the way people think about VR and AR as the
tiny powerhouse works with LyfieRoam and LyfieStroll, a duo of
innovative apps that are used to create captivating experiences on the
fly. Create immersive AR travel maps for tourists or capture vacation
memories using LyfieEye200 and a Android phone.

George Wang, CEO of eCapture Technologies, said: “We created the
LyfieEye200 so that anyone with a creative spark would be able to make
awesome content easily. Whether using it to live stream a gig, or play
around with AR – the LyfieEye200 has you covered.”

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off on 13 March with a target
of USD 20,000 to put the device into mass production. It has an SRP of
USD 159.



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