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Have you seen the latest video from Samsung where they introduced Galaxy S8 and S8+? Towards the end of the video is this tiny gadget called Samsung Gear 360, the first 360° camera from Samsung. Introduced back at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain last year, Samsung plans to make its Gear 360 portable and simple to use with the emergence of 360 camera market that continuously growing.

Design Changes on Samsung Gear 360

As posted by Geoffrey Morrison on Forbes, ever since the introduction of Samsung Gear 360, there were a couple of modifications and improvements from its original small sphere with a built-in tripod. Compared with other 360-degree cameras, one of the most interesting aspects and modifications on Samsung Gear 360 is having a handle before the standard tripod mount.

In addition, Samsung Gear 360 has two 8.4 megapixel sensors sit behind two F2.2 lenses which can create a single 15-megapixel image (*Default Output pixel count equivalent to 25.9M). The Samsung Gear 360 can also record 4K videos at 24fps. The recordings are directly saved onto a micro SD card (up to 256 GB) and do not use an internal storage.

Aside from its technical specifications for its sole purpose of getting memories saved, there are a couple of features that could interest you. For one, Samsung Gear 360 is a certified IP53 which means this 360-degree camera is dust and splash proof; however, it is not like Galaxy S8 which is IP68. In addition, Samsung Gear 360 can be directly connected to your phone or computer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB-C.

Limitations, Pricing and Release Date of Samsung Gear 360

Like any branded devices, Samsung Gear 360 has its limitation. While the new Gear 360 can work with iOS and other non-Samsung smartphones, Morrison revealed that Samsung specifically pointed out that “Availability of features may differ depending on the mobile device, OS version, and region. There are functional limitations when using with iOS devices.”

No specific feature was mentioned, but this is definitely understandable. Apple is the closest competitor of Samsung.

Samsung also has yet to reveal how much its latest 360 camera is. The good news is, we may pretty much get the information soon as Samsung Gear 360 is expected to ship late April/early May.

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