Cloak : the software which clears the elements of a video


Editor Adobe is developing a software solution provisionally called “the Cloak” (the cloak in English), which will, as in the image processing software, erase an object or a person from a video.

Very complex to implement on the video classics, a solution is however particularly suitable for video tours to 360°.

Processing frame-by-frame

The video industry will soon be a new magical item at his disposal : it may, in the manner of Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak (invisibility cloak), make it go away, after shooting, any element of a scene. It is in any case the promise of Adobe with his project ” the Cloak “. It is one of the technologies that the editor has presented on 19 October at its annual conference, Adobe MAX in 2017.

In principle, the Cloak disclaims the famous plugin of Photoshop Content Aware Fill video. In concrete terms, after having applied a mask on the element that you want to delete the video, the system fills the selected area by performing frame-by-frame the background. And the result, visible in the video below, is pretty impressive.


Ideal and indispensable for the video to be 360°

The operation is rather complex, but Adobe says that the video still offers an advantage over a fixed image : the camera, while moving, and increases the chances of seeing the background, and, therefore, the replicate with the greatest fidelity possible. This is exactly what happens when the two walkers of the video go to the image : on the set of the sequence, the scene is revealed in full, allowing for its replenishment software.

The operation will be even simpler for ” Cloak “, when it is applied to video tours to 360°. This will be for them that the tool developed by Adobe will be the most useful, even essential : the images shot in panoramic full have the disadvantage of revealing behind-the-scenes. The removal of the image of the objects, teams, or the camera becomes almost an obligation, that Cloak will run.

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