A difference maker in the Craig Rideout murder trial


The problem in the Rideout murder trial was information overload. The jury was asked to figure out who killed Craig Rideout and tried to cover it up.

Two of his sons? 

His estranged wife? 

Her boyfriend? 

The jury had a mountain of evidence from a dozen locations over a three day period. So the Monroe County District Attorney’s office hired L-Tron Corp. out of Victor, New York to solve that problem. 

Trevor Dimarco, L-Tron Dir. of Solutions: “At the end of the day, the jury saw something that was very simple to understand and digest.”

Dimarco and his team at L-Tron used a 360 degree camera and software that it developed to compile all of the evidence. He showed us what they produced. 

In Mendon Ponds Park, where Colin and Alex Rideout dumped garbage bags of evidence, Dimarco’s laptop computer cursor went over Devil’s Bathtub. The screen showed the 360 degree camera image of the parking lot where Alex and Colin were found. 

When the cursor moved over a dark circular icon where the Rideout boy’s rental car was parked, the software brought up pictures of evidence found in the car like bloody gloves and jeans and Craig Rideout’s ID.

That is what the jury saw during the prosecution’s closing argument and Dimarco was in the courtroom to see it. 

Dimarco: “You could tell the jury was mentally tired. You could see in their faces. You could see it in their body language, they were tired.”

But then the L-Tron computer program, called the Oscr 360, kicked in. 

“I kid you not, the jury was like this before,” Dimarco said leaning back in his chair like the jurors. “And they all sat up in their chairs and were glued to the monitors just watching this.”

After five days, the jury convicted Laura and Colin Rideout of murder, Alex Rideout of tampering with evidence and acquitted Paul Tucci. 

The work of a local high-tech company helped get that done. 

“It told a story. It told the story and it showed the facts in a cohesive, time oriented manner,” Dimarco said.


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